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The Balinese Cat Profile

The Balinese Cat is a human created breed that derives from the short haired Siamese of South East Asia. The Balinese in contrast to their asian cousi…

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Abyssinian Cat Breed

The Abyssinian Cat is a short haired cat breed that originated from north east Africa around the coast of the Indian Ocean. The exact source of the Ab…

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Sphynx Cat Breed

The Modern Sphynx also known as the Canadian Hairless is one or the rarest breeds in the world, nevertheless need little introduction! The breed is un…

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The Ragdoll Cat Breed

The Ragdoll Cat is a semi long haired breed that originates from North America. The Breed was created in the 1960’s and has since become one of the mo…

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Manx Cat Breed

The Manx Cat is a short haired stocky cat that originates from the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. Legend has it that the breed was introduced to t…

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The Korat Cat Breed Profile

The Korat Cat is a short haired breed that is small to medium sized. This breed originated from Thailand in Asia. To be given a Korat as a gift in Tha…

Maine Coon Cat Breed

The Maine Coon Cat is a large breed of cat and one of the oldest breeds in North America. They are the official cat for the state of Maine, New Englan…

Siamese Cat Breed

The Siamese Cat is one of the most recognisable distinctly unique breeds in the world. Originating from South East Asia and native to Thailand this is…

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Siamese Breed Characteristics

This is a copy of a report on Siamese cats for an assignment I did. Enjoy. The breed of cat I have chose is Siamese. Siamese cat lives up to 13 –…

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Cat Purring When kitty gets his belly rubbed he starts to purr. But why does he do this? Where does it come from? What is purring? Why do cats purr ? …

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Which Cat Breed?

Once you have decided that you can care for a cat its time to research which cat breed is best for you. While doing this you should ask yourself a few…