Matted Fur

Matted Fur Remove Cat Mat
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  1. cp says:

    Thank you for the article about matted fur. I found the information helpful.

    1. The Cat Guide says:

      So great to hear the information was helpful to you! That’s our #1 goal here.

  2. William Westcott says:

    Good article but it sort of assumes it is quite easy to handle the problem.

    We have two cats. One loves to be brushed, the other hates it and it can be quite a hazardous job just TRYING to brush her.

    Unfortunately this cat is only 5 and has mats of various sizes all over her back. We try to cut them off but it is a losing battle. She is a very dominating lady and even getting her to the vet is very tricky operation.

    Are there any useful products we could rub into or spray on her back. Is there any medicine that would help?

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