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Welcome to The Cat Guide, the site that gives you a comprehensive guide to all aspects of cat care, cat health and cat breeds. Whether you have trouble grooming your cat, your cats putting on weight or your house cat is getting bored and depressed we are here to help.

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The truth is that no website, book or expert can answer every question you have…..Why? Like humans every cat is different and will react in different ways to different things. We will try and cover every major topic in cat care and cat health and give you some fantastic tips along the way that I hope will help you and your cat.

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We need your help too! Do you have great grooming tips? Have you and your cat overcome a tricky situation? Can you help our cat community? Are you an expert on cat care or cat health?

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New Cat Checklist
New Cat Checklist

Our New Cat Checklist is here to help ensure you are prepared with everything you need to keep your cat happy & healthy! If you are looking for it…

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