Which Cat Breed?

Once you have decided that you can care for a cat its time to research which cat breed is best for you. While doing this you should ask yourself a few questions.

Do you have the time to groom and care for a long/semi long haired cat? If not then you should rule out breeds that require 30 minutes + grooming a day like a Persian Cat.

Does your locations permit your cat to be let outside? If not then you will need to keep your cat indoors. This means that you will need a cat that is suited to an indoor lifestyle and won’t be stressed if kept inside.

Will you be leaving your Cat alone for long periods If you will then you should look at a breed that doesn’t require constant attention. No kitten should be neglected inside for long periods so if you do work and you want a house cat then think about getting two kittens!

If those questions have ruled out any breeds then look at your remaining options. Do your research and look for personalities that match. Do you want a lap cat? Do you want a more naturally wild cat? Everyone is different and will have different opinions and preferences. Do any of the breeds particularly interest you? Some breeds are expensive, potentially over $1000 and some breeds have associated health problems and can be more expensive to insure.

We recommend looking at our breed profile to see which cat breeds best for you and drawing up a shortlist together. Do more research on the internet and on forums about the breeds and try to bring that shortlist down to three. Once you have three breeds contact three breeders and arrange a visit. Spend time with the breeds to help you make your decision.

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