Turkish Van Cat

The Turkish Van Cat is a semi long haired breed native to Turkey. They are from the Van Lake region and famously have a love for water. Originally known as the Turkish Cat the breed was renamed in America to distinguish itself from other Turkish cat breeds. This is a large muscular cat with a sturdy bone structure.

Turkish Van Appearance

The Turkish Van cat is famous for their white bodies and coloured heads. They have a large skull with large ears set above the head. Turkish Vans have long muscular bodies with medium sized legs. Despite their large muscular physique they maintain elegance and are stunning in appearance. These cats have a silky coat with a ruff around the neck which will require daily grooming to keep knot and matt free. Although grooming is required this breed do not have a thick woolly undercoat and will not require the long sometimes difficult grooming sessions that a Persian, Siberian or Himalayan cat needs.

Turkish Van Colours

This breed should have a plush white coat covering at least 80% of the body. The breed can however have coloured markings on the body (not covering more than 20%) and often have coloured faces and tails.

Turkish Van Temperament

The Turkish Van makes a fantastic pet who love human companionship. They are very affectionate and will live happily in a family. This is an extremely intelligent breed that enjoys playing and hunting. They are large cats with high energy levels and eat more food than most other cat breeds. If they are kept indoors it is important they receive enough physical and mental activity to stimulate their natural instincts. Turkish vans are famous for their affinity with water, games involving bowls of water with toys or ice is recommended if safely supervised.

Turkish Van Health Issues

This is a very natural breed of cat and as a result we are not aware of any known health issues.

Turkish Van Summary

This breed is steeped in history. They are loving and affectionate with intelligence and character in abundance. Turkish Vans are not the easiest breed to maintain due to their large appetites and grooming requirements, however their love for water makes them fairly easy to bath! If you have the time to groom a breed daily and want a stunning family cat then this might be the breed for you.

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