Do you have too many cats?

Having too many cats can cause problems. You will often find if you have 3 or more cats than one of your cats could be bullied by a more dominant cat. It is recommended that two cats are more than enough in a single house (although several cats can happily get on together and not be 'too many cats' !!!).

Cats are not generally sociable animals that enjoy continuous company of their own species, with the exception of lions all cats in the wild unless with cubs live on their own. A cat that is being bullied or over dominated by another cat will be extremely unhappy. You may not even see this happen it might happen when you are not around so there are some important things to look out for.

Common signs of a bullied cat:

• Reluctance to use litter tray.

• Reluctance to eat or drink from bowl

• Anxiety

• Restlessness

• Clinging on to humans

• Scratches, Cuts or bruising

• A timid personality

• Lack of socialising with other cats

If you believe you have an animal suffering from cat bullying then it is your responsibility to try and help and manage the problem. You may not be able to stop the situation altogether but you may be able to help your cat live a happier life.

Things to help the issue:

• Have more than one litter tray so they can go to the toilet away from their rival.

• Have more than one food/drink bowl so they can eat in peace away from other cats

• Give your cat access to a large cat tree. Cats like to be high up so they can see what’s going on around them

• Give them access to a safe bed with an escape route, a cat will have nightmares about being cornered and this could lead to a dangerous fight.

• Spend time with your cat, show you are there for them and they have your love.

• Try not to leave two rival cats unsupervised.

If your cat is seriously unhappy and the above tips don’t help it may be worth thinking about splitting your cats up and sending one of them to a different home. A timid cat that lives its life scared and unhappy doesnt have much of a life. it may be better for your cat to spend time with a owner without other cats where they can feel safe and secure.

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