The Great Debate

There is a great debate amongst cat owners. Is it fair to keep cats indoors?

Keeping a cat indoors is is a decision that every cat owner has to make based on the environment they live in, the breed of cat, kitty’s personality and maybe more importantly your personality!

There is a belief amongst some people that keeping a cat indoors is wrong, even cruel.

This can be true. Cats are naturally wild. With the exception of Lions cats are generally independent animals that live and hunt alone. In the wild cats flourish in an environment away from human contact, they are the masters of hunting and the kings of escape. In fact it would be fair to call the cat the ultimate predator, maybe even the ultimate animal!!!

However in a world where the human population is increasing the habitat of wild cats is being destroyed. Does this mean domesticated cats may not live well in the current world. Let’s Analyse!

So kitty has natural instincts and kitty will love hunting, climbing, stalking and chasing. It’s in his instincts and what is natural to him, from thousands of years ago. What won’t be natural to him are the cars speeding down the road or the train going along those electric rails.

Kitty will do anything to catch that squirrel, that’s where he’s instincts take over. Will the ‘ultimate predator’ be 100% focusing on catching that squirrel or will he be also watching out for the 51 Bus? You guessed it he will be focusing 100% to catch that squirrel.

Indoor cats on average live to around 12 years of age depending on breed, some live up to 20 years plus. Depending on country to country outdoor cats often live half that. How many times have you heard of a cat being run over in the street?

So we have established that cats are naturally wild animals that don’t get on well with cars, trains and busses. Anything else?

If kitty catches his prey in a field or meadow the worst that can happen to that prey is it gets a little dirty, maybe some mud and a few leaves. But if kitty catches a mouse behind the local car garage in a pool of car chemicals will he’s instincts tell him not to eat it? After all that hard work?

Thousands of cats every year die through consuming dangerous chemicals and this doesn’t stop at industrial sites, this could happen in your road. Does No.13 care about your cat or his cabbages! He cares about his cabbages and he puts Pesticides down to protect his cabbages. What kitty doesn’t know is that the mouse he just caught in his own back yard has been sleeping under those cabbages!

As we have previously discussed outdoor cats are very territorial, they will roam the streets and claim their territory. It may be just the garden, or the road, the town or even more! From time to time kitty will come in contact with other cats. And all owners hope that these cats are as clean and healthy as our own, but sometimes there not. Kitty will be prepared to fight for his territory and sometimes this can lead to injuries and occasionally feline diseases. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukaemia (FeLV) are both cat diseases that can lead to cat death and thousands of cats unfortunately die of diseases every year. Some of the immunisations have also been questioned.

At The Cat Guide we do not object to cats being let outside, in fact far from it. If your situation allows you to let your cat go outside this is fantastic, and all cats would like access to the outside world. We do however object to people that believe all cats must be let outside. It is the decision of the owner and that decision must be a responsible one based on circumstances.

The main negative of keeping a cat indoors is your cat suffering from boredom and depression. If you do keep your cat indoors it is important to stimulate he’s natural instincts that would happen naturally if allowed outside. All indoor cat owners must take the time to play with thier cats and give them the appropriate amount of exercise. Cats are naturally intelligent, inquisitive and opportunistic animals, YOU must make sure you stimulate these characteristics within the home. If we don’t then the statement about keeping cats indoors is true. If we do then we give our indoor cats the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life.

Must Have Products for Indoor Cat Stimulation

1. Cat Tree

2. Cubes and Boxes

3. Circuits

4. Natural Water Fountains

5. Laser Toys

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