Sunny the Star!

by Kim
(Sydney, Australia)

Sunny keeing warm on a winter's day

Sunny keeing warm on a winter's day

Sunny keeing warm on a winter's day
Sunny at home, looking magnificent
Sunny on her cat walk (our rug)
Sunny Cuddling up on Raymond

Our cat Sunny was the most beautiful, loving, gentle and intelligent Australian Mist. She was only with us for about 3 years and left us on 12/12/12. I hope to see her again one day.

She was our pride and joy. To me she was a little human 2 year old in a cat's body. She was so loving. Loved to be with us no matter we were. She would greet me every morning in bed with her purrs and when I arrived home from work. She spent so much time with us that we really miss her.

When she walked, she walked like she was the Queen of the Cats. Other cats feared her even when she was ill. She looked so regal and yet so gentle. She was the ultimate in cats and I always said that she was "THE CAT". The greatest cat to have ever lived and we are honored to have had her for the few years. I wish she was still around for more.

You can see more of Sunny on my Facebook album - A tribute to Sunny.

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