Somali Cat

The Somali Cat is a semi long haired cat breed that derives from the Abyssinian Cat. The breed was created through decades of breeding long haired Abyssinians and this long haired cat type was classified as a distinctive breed in the 1970s. Somalis are famous for their fox like appearance and have long coats with fluffy tails.

Somali Appearance

The Somali Cat is a medium built cat with a solid bone structure and large muscles. They have a long silky coat that is ticked in colouring like their Abyssinian cousins. This breed has often been described as fox like due to their extremely long bushy tail and large pointy ears.

Somali Colouring

Somalis have a ticked coat which consists of usually two colours. Traditionally Somalis only were golden brown in colour with black ticks however over the years many colours have been introduced into the breed. It is now common to see Somalis in blue, red and fawn however they should always maintain their ticked effect.

Somali Temperament

The Somali in general is a people friendly cat that is very affectionate and likes human company. They are also known to live in harmony with other house hold pets. This is an intelligent inquisitive breed that require much stimulation if kept in doors to satisfy their instincts. The Somali will enjoy playing and will become a formidable hunter if allowed outside.

Somali Health

Due to intensive breeding there have been some notable health problems in this breed however responsible breeders have tried to breed these problems out. Like the Abyssinian the Somali can suffer from Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency. When adopting a kitten it is important that the parents are tested for this disease and you see proof that they do not have it. It was also quite common for this breed to suffer from dental problems, however these problems appear to have been removed from most the Somali population by sensible breeding.

Somali Summary

The Somali is a beautiful natural looking cat that maintains some of the fantastic attributes of its Abyssinian ancestors. They have a stunning coat that is soft and silky therefore fairly easy to maintain. Due to known health issues when adopting a kitten it is important their genetic lines have been tested for associated diseases to ensure you have a healthy cat. If you want a longer haired stunning breed that is affectionate, intelligent and easy to maintain then this may be the breed for you.

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