Siberian Cat

The Siberian Cat is a semi long haired large powerful breed of cat native to Russia. The breed has adapted to the cold climate of Northern Europe and have a thick triple coat. Siberians are known to be fantastic hunters, climbers and extremely good jumpers. This breed is said to be hypo allergenic however this is not the case with all allergy sufferers. Siberians produce less Fel D1 in there saliva than most cats therefore if you are allergic to the cats saliva then there is a chance you wont be allergic to Siberians. We know of people that are allergic to cats and dogs that are not allergic to Siberians, however we also know people that are allergic to Siberians.

Siberian Appearance

The Siberian Cat can only be described as a stunning cat. They are large boned and have a dense long coat with thick bushy tales. Siberians have long powerful legs which make them excellent jumpers. The breed are similar in appearance to the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat.

Siberian Colouring

Siberian Cats come in Silver, White, Brown Tabby, Gold Tabby, Black, Black Smoke, Blue, Blue Smoke, Red and Colour point.

Siberian Temperament

The Siberian is an affectionate breed known to be dog like. They love being around people and share a special bond with humans similar to a dog. Therefore it can be quite easy be bring up a Siberian as a typical lap cat. Sibes are very vocal and known to ‘Chirrup’, they will often chatter away to you and tell you about their day when you get home from work! Siberians are incredibly friendly and affectionate, nevertheless they have very raw natural instincts and if let outside they will cover vast territories and become excellent hunters. Siberians therefore require a lot of physical and mental attention to stimulate their natural instincts if kept indoors. Siberians are known to be great jumpers. If you doubt they can make a jump they most likely will! It is important for them to have exposure to jumping to utilise the large muscles in their legs therefore large cat trees are recommended in the house. This breed are also known to have a fascination for water and many owners will tell you that its not a surprise to find a toy in their water bowl just so they can try and fish it out.

Health Issues

This cat breed have no known health issues.

The Cat Guide Rating

★ Appearance 5/5

★ Stress Caused if left alone 4/5

★ Stress Caused if kept indoors 4/5

★ Activity Levels 4/5

Siberian Summary

The Siberian is a special breed or cat, so special that we at the cat guide have two of our own Siberian Cats. They make fantastic companions and share a wonderful bond with humans. They are majestic in appearance and loving by nature. It is however important to stimulate their natural instincts if kept in doors and regular grooming on their thick triple layered coat is very important. If the Hypoallergenic qualities of a Siberian appeal to you then make sure you spend sufficient time around the breed to test this theory out before you bring a Siberian kitten into your home.

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