A Safe Cat House and Kitten Room

So what do we mean by a 'Safe Cat House' and 'Kitten Room'?

Remember your house and home is soon to be your cats house and home. You need to make that house a safe cat house! How?

Before you bring your kitten back to your home you need to make sure that the accommodation is safe and suitable for a kitten. You don’t want to let your new cat out of his cage with access to a large area. This will be intimidating; the first step is to dedicate a room to your kitten. This room will be used to introduce yourself to your cat and also be a place to keep your kitten when you go out.

Requirements of the Kitten Room:

• The room should not be too large

• The room should have a litter tray

• The room should have food and water bowls

• The rooms should have a scratching post

• The room should have a warm safe bed

• The room should have a place for your kitten to hide

• The room should be safe: No open windows, blinds where your kitten could get caught up, large items that could be knocked over, areas where your kitten could fall.

• Your room should also have a radio, this can be turned on when you are out and will be re-assuring to your cat.

Remember that all cats are curious and this includes kittens. When you give them access to the whole house they will want to explore new rooms and taste new things. It is important that you keep the house tidy and don’t give them access to un-edible items that could be harmful or poisonous. Did you know that if a cat eats chocolate it can be fatal? You also need to be careful giving your kitten access to electrical wires and electric plugs. We were very sad to read a story of a kitten that was strangled by window blinds so if you have blinds make sure they are safely up and not dangerous to your cat. Caring for a kitten can be like caring for a young child and you should take similar measures of safety.

Kittens should always feel safe and have an undisturbed place where they can hide when they need to. They should also have safe areas of height, a cat in a high place will feel re-assured as they can look around at potential dangers, a safe kitten cat tree is recommended

Insuring your cat is living in a safe environment is essential parts of kitten care yet do not let this stress you out. Accidents will occasionally happen this is part of a kitten’s way of learning life and believe us they will learn, that what makes cats the ultimate animal. Our job is to prevent accidents they best we can.

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