Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue Cat is a short haired breed native to Russia. It is believed the breed was introduced to Russia in the nineteenth century when it was classified as the Archangel Blue in the United Kingdom. They are famous for their blue/grey coats that shine in appearance. Russian Blue cats like their Siberian neighbours produce less of the Feld1 protein in their saliva; this is what causes most cat allergies. Because of this, some mild allergy sufferers will not be allergic to the Russian Blue but this is not a hypoallergenic cat breed for everyone.

Russian Blue Appearance

This is a sleek elegant breed with a short soft double coat. They have a semi long body with long legs and a long neck. Russian Blues have triangular shaped heads with large wide set pointy ears. This breed have a grey/blue coat that is made up of a down undercoat and guard hairs. If you have had the pleasure to touch a 'Blue' you will know they are extremely soft to touch.

Russian Blue Colours

This breed only comes in blue/grey. It is known for the breed to produce black or white kittens but these will be known as Russian Blacks or Russian Whites.

Russian Blue Temperament

This is an alert loving affectionate breed that enjoys companionship with its close family. They are however known to be a timid cat and will not enjoy physical contact with people they don’t know. Russian Blues are playful and will normally live happily with other house hold pets and children. This breed is known to be sensitive to human emotions and they can become very close companions.

Russian Blue Health

We are not aware of any specific health issues associated with this breed.

Russian Blue Cat Summary

This is a reserved breed of cat that glows in beauty and elegance. Despite their timid nature, once a bond is made they will show love and affection that is maybe unparalleled. This breed is known to be one of the cleanest cat breeds. You may need to give this cat a weekly groom to keep their stunning coat in good condition. If socialised early enough as a kitten Russian Blues are known to enjoy grooming which is a sign to them of human affection. Despite there hypoallergenic qualities those who suffer bad allergies will normally be allergic to this breed. Anybody wanting to get a hypoallergenic breed should always spend a substantial amount of time with an adult cat to see if they are allergic.

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