The Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll Cat is a semi long haired breed that originates from North America. The Breed was created in the 1960’s and has since become one of the most popular breeds in the USA and Europe. The breed is famous for its long coat, colour point colour and stunning blue eyes. When these cats are picked up they often become limp like a cuddly toy, hence the name Ragdoll!

Ragdoll Appearance

As you can see in the picture above the Ragdoll is a stunning cat. The breed has a semi long haired silky coat that is soft to touch and have large bushy tails. This is a large cat with a sturdy bone structure and muscular physique. The breed has a big solid head with large alert ears and bright blue eyes.

Ragdoll Colour

This breed is colour point only. Ragdolls have an enzyme mutation which is why they have dark patches on their fur. This enzyme affects the melanin production in their body and is affected by heat which means the hot parts of the cat i.e. the body are light in colour and the cool parts of the body i.e. tail, legs and head are dark in colour.

Ragdoll Cat Temperament

This is a docile breed of cat that enjoys being kept indoors providing appropriate stimulation of their natural instincts. Because of their relaxed personality and depending on your situation Ragdolls don’t always do well outside as they often won’t see danger in a road, railway or from your neighbour’s dog. The breed is very people orientated and make fantastic companions and family pets. The Ragdoll can become a stereotypical lap cat and will often fall asleep on their family members for hours. This breed has a long coat therefore it is important to get them used to grooming from a young age.

The Cat Guide Rating

★ Appearance 5/5

★ Stress caused if left alone 4/5

★ Stress caused if kept indoors 2/5

★ Activity Levels 2/5

Ragdoll Summary

We love Ragdoll Cats. This breed can make a fantastic house cat and Ragdolls love human companionship. Although this is not a breed that requires excessive physical exercise they enjoy playing and if kept indoors it is important their natural instincts are stimulated and they receive enough exercise.

Our Top 5 Ragdoll Products

1. Cat Tree

People that own Ragdolls often keep their cats indoors. Cat trees are great for indoor breeds. They allow your pet to climb, helping their muscular development and their claws. They also prevent obesity in your Ragdoll and provide great mental stimulation, along with a great place to nap!!!

2. Cubes and Boxes

We have had great experiences with the below types of cube and great feedback from owners of this breed. Cats love to hide and take ownership of areas. These cubes provide an excellent hiding place to pounce on that toy or even the intruding fly. An excellent way of stimulating your house cat and bringing the outside indoors.

3. Circuits

The below type ball circuits are excellent for stimulating any type of house cat. Balls that run along tracks that simulate mice will not only keep a indoor breed happy but help avoid anxiety . A great buy!

4. Natural Water Fountains

Cats that are kept indoors do not drink as much water as cats kept outside. Water is very important to reduce hairballs something very important for this breed. The below fountain will not only encourage drinking but also provide fun and entertainment for your pet. It will also simulate the rain something all house cats miss. An essential item for long haired indoor breeds like the Raggie.

5.Deshedding Tools

A good quality dead fur removing tool is essential for this breed.

The Cat Guide Highly Recommends

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