Playing With Kittens

This page covers playing with kittens and how playing with kittens can develop your kitten but also improve your relationship with your kitten!

Have you ever been around a friend’s house when they have a new kitten? What’s the first thing you want to do ? Play no doubt!

Playing with a kitten is just as important for you as it is for a cat. This is a time to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts, to develop your cats hunting skills but also for you to build a bond with your cat.

This is a time to have fun together and develop a friendship. So how can we play with our kittens?

Balls Most kittens love playing with cat safe balls, this is a great way of cat mental stimulation while playing with kittens. It’s important to try out different type of cat balls to see what they like. Some kittens like balls that rattle, others like balls with feathers sticking out the side. Cats will like nothing more than a ball being safely thrown into the air or across the room. This stimulates their catch instinct.

String Toys Kittens love string but firstly let’s establish one thing!


String toys make fantastic ‘Play Time’. Kittens will love do chase, catch, and bat, string toys. The thicker and furrier the better, once the toy is caught then they can stimulate another instinct, KILL! String toys should be moved around the floor for chase but if you just do this the toy will soon get boring. You need to get inside your cats mind and imagine the toy is a squirrel in the wild. What does he want? Try putting some cushions or obstacles on the floor this will allow your cat to hide and pounce. Don’t make it easy. Mix it up. Try and take the string behind an obstacle away from view; this makes the game more.

Make the most of play time when your cat is a kitten, this will not only improve hunting skills but also build a stronger relationship that will last long after kitten hood.

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