Our spoiled rotten Abby

by Tina K
( Dallas Tx)

My husband and I got our crazy cat Abby when she was 5 weeks old. My husband would say over & over I think she is sick...I kept telling him shes not sick shes just a tiny baby still. Well turns out I was right. She grew up healthy and shes a wonderful cat. She is very strange though, just ask anyone that has come to our house. The last couple of yrs I have said she should of been born a dog. She growls at everyone and wants to attack anyone that comes in our house ...almost like shes a pitbull. We have had her spade. The vet told us she was probably taken from her momma too soon and wasnt socialized with people or other animals. So needless to say she is "special" but shes all mine. Life wouldnt be the same without her! Love you Abby!

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