My 3 little miracles

by Claire

The cat from the house that back on to my mother in-laws had 4 kittens in the shed and was only only coming back once a day to feed them, then one day just stopped after 2 days mu boss suggested we intervene and what a good job it was that she did.

AT 20 days old they were bearly moving and very cold and very weak and one had gone missing.

We never saw mum again after that.

So hears my 3 healthy kittens now 5 weeks old after lots of TLC

Greedy( pic on his own) , Chunk and Midge

We have decided to keep chunk and midge as house cats as they seem very laid back and cuddly but greedy is a very much an explorer .

Does any one have any idea what breed they could be?

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May 02, 2016

by: Graham

Wow, Fantastic story - How are they getting on? Beauties!

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