Mrs. Sidaway

by Tracy

My husband and I own a house cat. We originally gave him his freedom outdoors, but he had a bad accident when he was only 12 months old (clipped by a car) and he came into the house dragging his back legs behind him which turned out to be a broken pelvis. We had only just lost our cat Daisy, before him, literally weeks earlier to a car running her over, and, living on a main road, we took the decision to keep him indoors. However, once he'd recovered, it was obvious he wanted to go out again. But, living on a main road, we did not want to chance him suffering the same fate as our previous cat, so, we fitted him with a harness, which he quickly got used to, and with a length of string attached, which went up to the fence in our back garden, gave him a 'free rein' of the outdoors, without having to worry about him getting into trouble again. It's been 4 years now, and, as long as he gets his fresh air, it doesn't bother him. (He won't go out when it's raining anyway!) So he gets his fresh air and we don't have to worry about any harm coming to him anymore.

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