Manx Cat

The Manx Cat is a short haired stocky cat that originates from the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. Legend has it that the breed was introduced to the Island when a ship crashed onto the coast, the cats then escaped and claimed occupancy to the Isle of Man or maybe as they call it ‘The Isle of Manx’. This breed is famous for their extremely short tails. The Manx is one of the oldest known pedigree cat breeds in the world.

Manx Appearance

The Manx are a well proportioned medium size breed of stocky build. The breed are famous for not having a tail though it is acceptable for the breed to have a small stumpy tail at the end of their rear. There are actually long haired Manx cats but this is rare and most Manx have a thick and dense short double coat. The Manx has a round shaped head with large tipped ears. They have large eyes and are known to be extremely expressive.

Manx Colour

The Manx comes in all known cat colours.

Manx Temperament

The Manx make a fantastic pet but are high in energy levels and very inquisitive. They are fantastic hunters and are known to catch large prey in comparison to their size. It is believed they were used as pest control on sea going ships. The Manx is an affectionate breed that enjoy human companionship and make a good family pet.

Manx Health

This breed is a healthy breed but can more difficult to breed safely than other cats. They are either ‘tailless’ or have ‘stumpy tails’. If two tailless Manx's are mated then there kittens will most likely die before birth so breeders will always breed a ‘tailless’ and a ‘stumpy tail’ cat together.

Manx Summary

This is a fantastic breed of cat steeped in history with natural wildness in abundance. They are great hunters while also affectionate and loving to their owners. Due to the genetic issues in breeding it is recommended adopting a Manx from an experienced reputable Manx breeder that is an expert on the breed.

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