How to Litter Train Kittens

Litter training kittens is normally fairly easy but can be a daunting prospect. Some owners however have problems when litter training kittens. This can be due to the cats personality, it can also be down to mistakes we are making ourselves.

Don't panic! We are here to help...

How to Litter Train a Kitten Video

Litter training a kitten is not normally a tough exercise. Cats are usually easier to toilet train than dogs for example because they naturally cover their urine and faeces. This is a natural survival technique that is embedded into their instincts. Once you receive your kitten at between 10-12 weeks the kitten should already be litter trained. Kittens will learn to go to the toilet from watching their mothers.

If your kitten is not litter trained then you can train them yourself. You have to approach this the following way:

Our Best Litter Training Tips For Kittens

Once your cat knows how to dig and bury they will work out going to the toilet on their own.

Start off with an open litter tray and put your kitten on top. Hold their front paws and gently move them back and forwards in a digging motion, DO NOT BE FORCEFUL. Your cat will identify that this is a place to dig and a place to hide things. He/she will see this as a better place to go to the toilet that for example the carpet or bed.

If your cat appears to be ready to go to the toilet on the floor then pick them up and put them on the tray. They will soon learn that this is the place to do the business!

Once your kitten is litter trained then going outside the litter tray is rare and unlikely a sign of naughtiness. A kitten will not want to go in an unclean litter tray. It is important to scoop daily and to change the litter regularly, we recommend no less than once a week. Cats like to go to the toilet in privacy so insure that the tray is situated in a quiet place where they will not be disturbed. A hooded litter tray is recommended.

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