The Korat Cat

The Korat Cat is a short haired breed that is small to medium sized. This breed originated from Thailand in Asia. To be given a Korat as a gift in Thailand was deemed to be a gift of good luck. The Korat was brought to Europe and America in the mid twentieth century where controlled breeding started. Korats are famous for their stunning blue coats.

Korat Appearance

This breed is similar in appearance to the Russian Blue but have differences in personality. The are a small medium built cat with a relatively heavy body in comparison to their size. The Korat is a sleek streamline breed with a glossy coat that is soft to touch. They have a small semi rectangular head pointing out towards the noise with large wide set ears.

Korat Colour

Although there have been variations in colour the only recognised colour by most cat agencies is a solid blue/grey.

Korat Temperament

This is an intelligent sweet natured breed that enjoys human companionship. Korats make great house hold pets and are known to maintain there kitten characteristics throughout adulthood. Korats enjoy to play, hunt and catch so it is important if kept indoors their natural instincts are stimulated. This breed is known to be a quiet gentle breed.

Korat Health Issues

We are not aware of any specific health issues associated with this breed.

Korat Summary

The Korat is a beautiful playful breed that makes a fantastic family pet whilst also being one of the oldest breeds of cat steeped in history. These cats enjoy social interaction and maintain there sweet playful characteristics throughout adulthood. This breed have a stunning coat that requires little maintenance and are fairly easy to look after. Korats normally liked to be groomed and enjoy the human attention.

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