Kitten Training Importance

Kitten Training Importance -Preparing Now for the Future!

How you bring up your kitten is perhaps the most important time in caring for your cat. The first six months of your cat’s life will be the most important time of your cat’s life. During those six months you will be able to mould your cat into a good cat that is easy to live with. So what do we need to do during the first 6 months to mould our cat’s behaviour?

Grooming: It is important to start grooming your cat as a kitten, this is essential for semi long haired cats to long haired cats and will make grooming easy for the rest of your cats life. An adult cat that hasn’t been groomed as a kitten may not tolerate and for some breeds this will cause no end of problems.

Brushing your cats teeth : You should brush your cats teeth from a kitten. This will insure your cat as healthy teeth and allow your cat to allow having their teeth brushed. Visit our teeth brushing page for more information but remember. Never use human toothbrush.

Clipping :If you are going to clip your cats claws and not a vet or groomer then this should be done from a kitten. An adult cat that is not used to having their claws touched will not tolerate it so it is important your cat gets used to this from a kitten.

Toilet Training : It is essential that your cat is properly toilet trained as a kitten. As discussed previously this will be easy to do but you need to insure your kitten knows where to go to the toilet, once this objective is reached it will stay with them through adulthood.

Commands : Your kitten should at least know the commands, ‘No’ and ‘Stay’ and this will need to be trained as a kitten.

Kitten hood is a time to build a relationship. If you can build a good relationship with a kitten you will know doubt have a good relationship forever. Enjoy this time it will not last forever but the memories will never leave you if you make the most of it!

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