Kitten Care

Kitten care is one of the most important types of care when raising and looking after a cat.

On this page you will get more than just kitten advice. You will have everything you need to know about raising a kitten.

Bringing a kitten into your home can only be described as an exciting and memorable experience. After all what’s cuter, sweeter and more innocent than a kitten taking its first steps around their new home? It is however essential to look at the importance of good kitten care and how your actions in the first 6 months can affect your cats entire life.

Do you need kitten advice when looking after kittens?

How important is kitten development? Is it just physical development?

How do you get a kitten feeding?

This page is designed to help you from the first steps of finding a breeder up until adulthood. We hope to make this fantastic experience not only exciting and memorable but also easy and safe.

Adopting a kitten should be fun and not a chore, nevertheless it is important to follow various processes and steps to ensure both you and your new cat live happily in harmony.

So Lets Get Started!

Let’s look at the first question you need to ask yourself. Can you afford the time and money to care for a cat. Depending on your situation will depend on what breed or type of cat is best for you. Remember a high maintenance persian cat is not for everyone and kitten care for some breeds is harder than for others!

Now you have decided what breed is right for you it’s time to do your research and find a good breeder. Once you have found and visited your breeder and all looks good, it is time to wait for the kitten to arrive!!! A kitten should be adopted at 10-12 weeks of age, do not take them any younger. At this age they should have had their first batch of injections.

Between the time of birth and collection you should kitten proof your house. It is important to make the house fun, safe and secure. There will also be various items you will need to buy i.e. bowls, litter trays and toys. Remember you will also need an appropriate carry case to escort your new pet from mother to home. As the adoption day gets closer you will need to find out a few things. You need to stock up on the same food that the kitten has been fed to start off with. This is not only important for your new cats sensitive belly but also to make sure the transition is smooth and easy. The same goes for the type of cat litter.

Once the big day arrives and your new kitten is ready for adoption it is time to take the trip to the breeder. Take your carry case with a warm soft blanket inside. Now is the time to check if the kitten is healthy If all is good make sure you receive all the medical history, breed certificate (if applicable) and any kitten goodies that come with the kitten pack! Before you put the kitten in the carry case ask the permission of the breeder to rub the blanket over the mothers fur, the breeder can do this for you. This will put the mothers scent on the blanket and re-assure the kitten on the scary trip home.

Once you have arrived home it is recommended to put your kitten in a small safe kitten room with access to food, water and a litter tray. This is the very important stage of introducing yourself and family to your kitten. You now have a happy curious kitten in the house that is used to you and the whole family. From time to time you will have to leave your kitten alone during the day. It is recommended at a young age to leave them in a kitten safe room so they don’t get into too much trouble, the kitten safe room should be maintained for at least a month and is an important part of good kitten care.

Store the kitten pack you received in a safe place and write down the key vaccination dates in a diary or on a calendar, it is recommended to research a good vet if you don’t have one and get in touch about what you need to do.

If you are lucky your cat will already be litter trained however this may not be the case. If not you will need to litter train your kitten it will most likely be easier than you may think.

Playing with a kitten is an important part of kitten care and an excellent way for you to build a relationship with your cat. Let’s face it, what’s more fun than playing with a kitten!!!

Kitten care in the first few months and weeks of kitten hood is perhaps the most important of your cat’s life. This is the chance to mould your cat’s personality and determine whether you have a well or badly behaved cat. This is the stage to prepare now for the future. Remember your cat won’t stay a kitten for ever so make the most of this precious time!!!

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