Introducing a Kitten to the Family

Introducing a kitten to yourself and introducing a kitten to the family is a important process that must be performed in the correct way.

Once you have brought your kitten back to your house you should leave them in the kitten room un disturbed on their own in their cage for maybe 30 minutes to get used to the smells.

During this time get a book, a comfortable cushion, a few toys and a bottle of water (for you) and take it into the room. Open your kitten’s cage door and sit down on the floor. Introducing a kitten to yourself might not run smoothly so let you kitten take the lead. Your kitten may start to explore the room or may stay in the cage, either way do not worry. Pick up the book and start to read aloud in a quiet and gentle voice. Cats are very good at judging our intentions and behaviour; you need to show in your voice that you are soft and no danger. This will also allow your new kitten to get used to your voice. If your kitten stays in the cage then continue to read. If your cat comes out and starts to explore stay seated on the floor, movements and you getting up may scare your cat back in the cage.

Start to wave around a string toy and see if you get a reaction from your kitten, if you do then you have got a very confident kitten.

Try showing your kitten his bowls and his litter tray. Don’t pick them up yet just tap the edges.

When your kitten is exploring just lie down on your cushion and let them interact with you and get confident in their surroundings. Interact with your kitten vocally in a soft voice. If your kitten comes to you then great but don’t force yourself on the kitten physically. Do not stare in your kitten’s eyes this is a sign of aggression in the cat world. Spend a few hours with your kitten even if they are sleeping.

Once your kitten has gained confidents allow other members of the family into the room (do this one by one with yourself). Go from the same process of speaking in a soft voice with little movements. Allow your kitten to get used to the new smells and the new family in his own time. Between each member give your kitten some time alone with yourself.

By the end of the day the kitten will have been socialised with the whole family and will have a bond and feeling of safety with one specific family member. This is a great start and once your kitten is confident give him access to a larger space, make the process gradual and safe. Remember investing it your kitten in the first few days is investing in your kitten’s life. This is an important time and a stress free start of life for your kitten is putting them on the road to a confident happy life.

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