House Cats

There is a great debate,

House Cats VS Outdoor Cats.

Does keeping your cat indoors cause negative affects to your cats health?

Are there specific indoor cat breeds?

Do you need help with indoor cat care?

Do all indoor cats get bored?

Are you not sure whether to keep your kitten indoors or let them outside?

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There are many positives about keeping cats indoors. The fact indoor cats generally live longer and healthier lives is only one. A cat kept indoors usually have more reliance on their owners and this can result in a far closer bond between human and cat.

Nevertheless keeping a indoor cat is a responsibility and there are also some negatives. These are the negatives that are commonly used against cat owners who choose to keep their cats indoors.

Negative problems associated with keeping a cat indoors:

✘ House cat boredom: Cats kept indoors can become bored and develop cat depression and psychological problems.

✘ Indoor cats destroying things: Cats kept indoors are more likely to destroy your furniture.

✘ House cat behaviour problems: Cats kept indoors are more likely to develop indoor cat behaviour problems.

✘ Indoor cat hairballs: No natural grass can cause issues with fur balls/hair balls

✘ Cat deprivation: Keeping a cat indoors deprives them from freedom to roam the neighbourhood. Access to the outside will allow stimulation of your cats natural instincts.

✘ Cat socialisation problems: Lack of socialisation with other cats can be negative for a cats mental health.

✘ Lack of sunlight: A lack of sunlight is not good for a cats health.

So is this something a cat owner who chooses to keep their cat indoors has to JUST deal with?

Cats that are kept indoors can have a happy and healthy life, but this depends on one person...


Cat owners have the responsibility to identify the negatives of keeping a cat indoors and then rectifying them. Even better, PREVENTING THEM. Keeping a house cat is a responsibility and each point above can cause health issues and serious psychological effects on your cat. However each point above can be prevented and rectified by yourself in the below links.

Essential indoor cat care:

Cats can and will get bored if they do not receive enough mental stimulation. Because your cat doesn't have the opportunity to hunt they also don't have the opportunity to pounce, chase, jump, hide and kill.

Taking these activities out of your cats life will cause boredom and even feline anxiety.

Cats that are kept indoors suffer another common issue, problems with hair balls. You may occasionally see other cats eating grass in your garden. Grass adds little nutritional value to your cats diet, grass actually makes cats sick. An outdoor cat will eat grass when they need to or are having trouble coughing up hair balls. This is perfectly natural behaviour and is a very clever way that a cat deals with the problem. A indoor cat obviously does not have access to grass and this can cause big problems when it comes to hairballs. Some people choose to deal with outside deprivation by taking your cat for a walk. There are many things that owners can do to allow their cats to experience outside life under supervision and in the safety of your yard or garden.

Our Top 5 Best House Cat Breeds:

1. Sphynx Cat
2. Cornish Rex
3. Persian Cat
4. Himalayan Cat
5. Ragdoll

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Our Top 5 Must Have Indoor Cat Accessories

1. Cat Tree

Cat trees are great for indoor breeds. They allow your pet to climb, helping their muscular development and their claws. It also prevents obesity and provides great mental stimulation, along with a great place to nap!!!

2. Cubes and Boxes

We have had great experiences with the below types of cube. Cats love to hide and take ownership of areas. These cubes provide an excellent hiding place to pounce on that toy or even the intruding fly. An excellent way of stimulating your house cat and bringing the outside indoors.

3. Circuits

The below type ball circuits are excellent for stimulating your cat. Balls that run along tracks that simulate mice will not only keep a indoor breed happy but help avoid anxiety . A great buy!

4. Natural Water Fountains

Cats that are kept indoors do not drink as much water as cats kept outside. Water is very important to reduce hairballs. The below fountain will not only encourage drinking but also provide fun and entertainment for your pet. It will also simulate the rain something all house cats miss. An essential item for long haired indoor breeds.

5. Laser Toys

Does your cat react to lights that shine off a watches or glass? If so these safe feline laser toys are a must.


We have had great feedback and personal experiences with the below product. Like in the wild make your cat work for his food, this will help mental anxiety and create hours of enjoyment and stimulation!

If you have the time and effort you can make an indoor cat a happy cat!

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