Take Your House Cat Outside and Bring the Outside In!!!!

So what do we mean when we say 'Take Your House Cat Outside and Bring the Outside In!!!!' Well actually this page isn’t just about bringing the outside in! There are many things that we can do to help house cats experience the outside world safely and under full supervision. Some of these may be bringing outside items indoors some may be taking your housecat outdoors. So let’s have a look at a few of these things!

Walking a Cat

Walking a cat is one way to take a 'House Cat Outside....Bring the Outside In', like a dog we can take a house cat outside by giving him a walk. Now you cannot just put a collar and a lead on your cat and take him for a walk down the park. Partly because he won’t follow you and also because this can be dangerous on your cats neck. However we can take a cat for a walk in our back yard safely and under full supervision.

Buy your cat a recommended established cat harness and safely fit it on your cat as per the instructions that come with the packaging. Also buy your cat a lead if it doesn’t come with hit. Once fitted fix the two items together and make sure your cat is comfortable yet also restrained and not able to get away. Firstly try walking him around the house allowing him to get used to the strange new thing on his coat. Your cat most likely won’t like the harness but he will soon forget about it once he is outside.

Then safely pick up your cat with the harness fully fitted and take him into the garden. Put him down on the floor and let him experience the outside world while safely holding onto him. You can allow him to smell the grass, watch the birds and play with the butterflies in the trees. The first time will most likely be quite daunting but after a few times your cat will become more confident. This can become a regular treat in your cat’s week or even day and will add excitement and change into your cat’s life which will stop boredom.

Cat Grass

Grass is an important part of your cat’s diet. Grass actually contains almost no nutritional value and will often cause your cat to be sick. However this symptom of regurgitation helps your cat bring up his hairballs. Green plants like grass are items natural to your cat’s instincts, they will be associated with the outside and freedom and can also become a great hiding place. Try growing your own grass in a plant pot and leave it in your house. This could occasionally cause a mess but the positives will far outweigh the negatives.


Why not purchase a safely built cattery which will allow your cat to experience the outside safely. Catteries are fantastic and can have a sleeping area, a watching area and even trees to climb. An hour or two in an outside cattery a day will often help your house cat stimulate his natural instincts. Interaction with other cats in a safe environment is known to be beneficial for your cat’s psychological health and this will bring excitement into your cat’s day. Your cat will also find it fascinating watching birds, butterflies and if he’s lucky a squirrel. Access to an outside cattery will often make a bored housecat a happy housecat.

It has been known for catteries to be attached to your own house. This means your cat can enter the cattery through a cat flap from your house. Your cat will get the benefits and freedom of being outside while at the same time allowing him to be safe and secure in your own home.

It is important when giving your cat access to the outside and bringing any outside item indoors is to get medical advice from your vet. There may be extra vaccinations that your cat needs so it is important that this is done and as per the vets guidelines before.

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