Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan Cat is a long haired breed of cat similar to a Persian but with the colourings of a Siamese. This is because the Himalayan originated through breeding between Persian and Siamese cats. They were named Himalayan as they shared the same appearance as rabbits and goats found around the Himalayan mountains.

Himalayan Appearance

The Himalayan Breed have round shaped bodies with short legs similar to their Persian cousins. Himalayans have blue eyes with colour point coloration on their face, body and tail. The breed have a thick long haired coat and require daily grooming. Himalayans have an enzyme mutation which is why they have dark patches on their fur. This enzyme mutation affects the melanin production in their body. The enzyme is affected by heat which means the hotter parts of the cat i.e. the body are light in colour and the cool parts of the body i.e. tail, legs and head are dark in colour.

Himalayan Colouring

Himalayans are cream in colour with point colouring. The point colouring can be in tortie point, red point, seal point, chocolate point, blue point and blue-cream point.

Himalayan Temperament

Like with Persian Cats this breed make fantastic companions with a loving affectionate personality. Himalayan owners will often tell you they are extremely intelligent and outgoing. It is important that Himalayans are brushed regularly as they can become irritable if they get knotted fur and matts.

Himalayan Health Issues

Himalayan links to the Persian Breed makes them prone to having the gene that causes Polycystic Kidney Disease. This disease also known as PKD is often breed out of certain lines and normally cats identified with this diseases are neutered or spayed.

The Cat Guide Score Card

★ Appearance 5/5

★ Grooming Maintenance 5/5

★ Distress if Left Alone 4/5

★ Distress if Kept in Doors 2/5

★ Activity Levels 2/5

Himalayan Summary

The Himalayan Breed is a beautiful cat breed with a loving affectionate personality. This is a great breed to have if you have the time to maintain their beautiful coats which you should devote at least 30 minutes a day too. If you do not have time to do this then this breed is not recommended as their fur will get matted and this can cause both you and your cat stress.

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