Healthy Kitten

Are you adopting a Healthy Kitten?

When you visit your breeder you should take the time to check if both the kittens and the cats have a good level of health.

Firstly if you are visiting a breed that have known medical problems ask the breeder about those problems, have they experienced it in their litters and if they have how have they dealt with the issue? Have the parents been tested and can they show proof that that both parents have been cleared of the illness? It is normally quite clear to see an unhealthy cat but here are some things to look out for with both the parents and the kittens.

Adopting a Healthy Kitten is essential and we will show you what to look out for:

• The kittens and cats should have a soft and healthy looking coat that is not too oily or have dry patches or flaked skin. Black flecks on the fur can suggest fleas.

• They eyes should be clear and not red or weeping.

• The nose should be moist but not running. Sneezing and wheezing is not a good sign.

• The head should be firm and steady.

• They should not be overweight.

• Rear end should be clean and clear of faeces or dampness.

• Make sure the kitten is alert

• Ask the breeder to play with the cats, they should react. If they do not and are scared to play with who they are used to this could suggest bad treatment.

When checking the kittens you should use your common sense. Does the kitten look healthy? Are they curious and alert? Are they playful? The stereotype of a kitten is a playful, curious and being an adorable little animal, does this litter fit that stereotype? If the kitten doesn’t look healthy or if you have some concerns do not feel you have to commit. And you shouldn’t feel you need to purchase a kitten because you feel sorry for the kitten. If you have concerns then do not commit and take the time to think about what you want to do. Visit other breeders as a comparison; it doesn’t need to even be the same breed you can just be looking at the quality of the kittens and the household.

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