Healthy Cat Weight

What is a healthy cat weight?

What is the ideal weight for a healthy cat?

What is the average cat weight?

On this page you will receive all the information you need to know about feline cat weight and pedigree breed cat weight.


Like with all species cats come in different shapes and sizes. A healthy cat size for a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat may be between 7-9 Kilos yet another breed maybe 3-4 Kilos. Despite this large difference both breeds may be at a healthy weight. Therefore the best measure of a cat weight guide is actually visually rather than through the scales.

It is important to remember that some breeds like the Asian Breeds are naturally slender and others like the Persian or Maine Coon are naturally Cobby so you should check your breed standard description.

Pedigree Cat Breed Profiles

Average Cat Weight

The Average Cat weight is about 4 Kilos however this does not necessarily mean your cat is at a healthy weight.

To Identify a healthy cat weight you should look at your cat from the top of the spine, the side of the body and by touch.

A Healthy Shaped Cat

From above your cat should have a relatively long straight and parallel body where you cannot see their ribs but you can see a defined dip at the hips (this may not be possible for long haired breeds). From the side you should clearly be able to see the shape of the legs and the chest should be deep yet undefined and going back to a slimmer waist. They should feel sleek to touch yet still have a soft layer of fat.

A Obese Cat

From above they will have a triangular shaped body with with no definition at the hip. From the side the stomach will bulge making the legs look short and the head small. You will not be able to feel the hardness of the ribs and hips due to a thick layer of fat.

A Underweight Cat

From the top you will be able to see the rib bones and a large angled dip to the stomach, the hips will be over defined and stick out. From the side the definition in the ribcage will be clearly visible with a large angle to a thin stomach. To touch they will feel boney due to a lack of fat.

If you are concerned about your cats weight you should seek medical advice from a professional vet.

For more information on how to achieve the ideal cat weight click on our Nutrition For Cats page.

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