Healthy Cat Signs

Healthy Cat Signs

What are healthy cat signs?

How can you tell if your cat is healthy?

Are the signs of a healthy cat clear to identify?

Cats are very good at acting normal when they are ill or unhealthy. This is because in the wild a cat showing the sign of weakness maybe attacked by a predator or be outcast by an oppurtunistc rival. It is therefore important to know what signs to look for when identifying if your cat is healthy or unhealthy.

Signs your cat is healthy and signs of good health in a cat:

✓ Have a shiny (but not over oily), good quality coat for no bald patches.

✓ Should be slender yet not boney or skinny

✓ Should not show signs of discharge from the eyes, nose or rectum

✓ Should be relatively playful

✓ Should not over groom

✓ Should sleep regularly

✓ Should eat a normal amount of food without signs of pain

✓ You should be able to pick your cat up without signs of pain or aggression

✓ Should not be over aggressive

✓ Should not be unusually dominant

✓ Should not toilet inside outside the litter tray

✓ Your cat should be alert without being paranoid or over anxious

✓ Your cat should not whine for no reason

✓ Normal cat vital signs

Remember cats are alert, territorial and playful animals with a passion for hunting. Always monitor signs of ill health in cats (Cat Illness Signs) and take them to the vet for a check up if you are worried. Your cat could be physically in great condition however mentally distressed or have Cat Anxiety . It is therefore important to monitor your pets characteristics and behavior. Neutering a cat is important if you are not going to breed from your cat, an un nutered cat without a mate will be miserable and aggresive. It is important that your cat recieves a regular check up from a qualified vet.

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