Grooming a Cat

Grooming a cat with long hair is an important part of cat care. It can sometimes be difficult brushing a cat particularly when they have not become accustomed to it as a kitten. Long haired cat grooming is particularly important, nevertheless grooming a long haired cat is not always easy.

On this page we will look at why cat grooming care is so important for both your cats physical and mental health.

Most cats shed their fur throughout the year, having two bulk sheds usually twice a year. Cats will spend hours every day grooming themselves. They have small rough hooks on the tongue that take off most of the dead or loose fur.

Some people decide to adopt cats because they deem them easier to look after than dogs. This can be the case with some breeds as cats are very independent. Nevertheless this is not the case with domesticated long haired or semi long haired breeds. Cat breeds like the Persian, Himalayan and Siberian will require daily grooming to keep their coats in good condition. If you haven't got the time to walk a dog every day then you most likely will not have the time to care for these breeds.

Although longer haired breeds are a responsibility their are some major advantages in owning this type of cat. Grooming a cat for 30 minutes a day is essential to keep your cats coat knot and mat free. This 30 minutes every day will not only help your cats coat, it can also bring you closer to your cat. A cat that enjoys to be groomed will see grooming as a sign of affection and pampering. This affection will form a strong and lasting relationship between human and cat.

There are two very important factors when it comes to grooming:

Start grooming a cat when they are a kitten: The first six months of your cats life are the most important. This is the chance to mould their personality and determine how they will behave as an adult. You should start grooming a kitten as soon as you adopt them. You need to accustom your kitten with this process from a young age. Cats that are not groomed as a kitten will most likely not enjoy to be groomed as an adult.

Consistently brush a cat: You should try and brush a long haired cat every day and a short haired cat once a week. If your cat starts to develop mats or knots because they have not been groomed for a while it can hurt when you next groom them. The moment a cat starts to associate grooming with pain is the moment your cat will no longer want to be groomed. Daily grooming will help stop matts and knots forming and will therefore make grooming more enjoyable for your cat.

Why is grooming a cat so important?

★ Stops cat mats forming that can cause irritation, pain and infection.

★ Reduces the amount of hair balls forming that can cause pain and intestine blockages.

★ Helps you develop a stronger relationship with your cat

The time you invest in your cat as a kitten will potentially pay dividends throughout your cats life. Fifteen minutes grooming every day for a longer haired kitten will not only have huge health benefits for your cat as an adult but will also help you build a stronger bond with them.

Sometimes grooming a cat that hates it or grooming matted fur seems impossible.

Importance of Cat Grooming Care

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