Find a Good Cat Breeder

A good cat breeder should not just be a breeder of cats. They should be knowledgeable about the specific breed and committed to finding their kittens good loving homes. A sign of a good breeder is a passion to breed healthy and well socialized kittens that will fit in well with most families. So what makes a Good Cat Breeder?

Before you commit to putting down a deposit for a kitten you should visit the breeder. If the breeder does not ask for you to see them first then this could be a sign that there interest is money (although this may not be the case) therefore always request to see them.

You should treat the first visit like an interview. You are analyzing them and as a good breeder they should be assessing you. If you are getting lots of questions then this is a good sign. But ask questions too, ‘When are the kittens available?’ If it’s less than 10-12 weeks of age this is not a good sign.

Inspect the premises and kittens and look out for key signs :

• Is the premises (including any outdoor accommodation) clean?

• Is there a strong smell of faeces or urine?

• Do the Cats look healthy?

• Can you see the mother?

• Can you see signs or Diarrhoea?

• Are the cats clean and well groomed?

Evaluate the Breeder and their Intentions

• Is the breeder giving you advice and evaluating you?

• Ask questions about the breed that require knowledge, Are they answered well?

• Will the breeder supply you medical history and breed certificate?

• Does the breeder give their kittens a good brand of cat food?

• Do they have fresh water and a reasonably fresh litter tray?

• Have the cats been vaccinated?

• Is the breeder pressurising you to buy a kitten?

Much of assessing a breeder is common sense. Breeding cats and looking after cat and many kittens is not an easy job. The important thing is to judge the breeders character and the breeder’s intentions. Does the breeder care about improving the breed? Is the breeder proud of their cats? Is the breeder just churning out lots and lots of kittens?

It is advisable to go to cat shows to find and speak to different breeders. We wouldn’t recommend asking other breeders what they think of competitors as you may not get an objective response. Also remember that showing a cat is a big task that requires focus so don’t be put off if the breeder doesn’t show 100% focus. Do however ask questions, if they seem busy just ask for their contact details and speak to them at a more appropriate time, you should then ask if you can visit their premises and see all their cats. If they seem more than happy then that is a good starting point.

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