Essential Kitten Items

So what do we mean by 'Essential Kitten Items'!

Adopting a kitten to start with can be a little expensive. When you get a kitten you will need to buy some essential kitten items:

• A Bed where your kitten can sleep

• A bowl for food and water and a spare just in case one breaks.

• Cat food and treats for training

• Grooming Equipment including brush, comb, and clippers.

• A scratch post and/or cat tree that your cat can ware down their claws and have some fun

• A litter tray with cat litter

• Toys including balls, string toys and cuddly toys.

Remember you don’t always need to buy the best most expensive toy on the market. Have your every bought a cat a new toy or advice and there more interested in the box it come in? Try creating your own fun!!!

The Kitten Box

Step 1: Get a cat safe box with no staples are areas of potential injury.

Step 2: Cut four holes around the box. The wholes should be just big enough to get a full arm and ball in.

Step 3: Put a heavy toy or safe house hold item in the box to keep it sturdy on the ground.

Step 4: Put something your cat likes in the box! This can be their favourite ball, favourite toy or even cat treats.

Your cat could potentially spend hours trying to get the ball or treat out and this is a great way to get your kittens brain working while also providing lots of fun!!! Always mix it up and make it difficult but not impossible. Cats love nothing more than a challenge, the curiosity of that item in that box will drive them crazy. Your cat could spend 30 minutes trying to get the ball out and when he does not have any interest in the ball. But if you but it back in there spend another 30 minutes trying to get it out.

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