Egyptian Mau Cat

The Egyptian Mau Cat is a small medium boned short haired cat famous for its leopard like spots. Egyptian Maus are thought to have descended from african wild cats being bred with domesticated cats. The name Egyptian Mau means in egyptian 'egyptian cat'. It is not clear whether the breed actually originated from Egypt, although many ancient egyptian paintings have been found with similar looking spotted cats. It is thought that the Egyptian Mau was then taken to Italy in the mid twentieth century where breeding outside of Africa started.

Egyptian Mau Appearance

The Egyptian Mau cat is a stunning breed. They are slender in appearance with a muscular body. Graceful in their movement they are often described as 'cheetah like' in both appearance and elegance. Like with leopards their spots are on the skin not on the fur. Their coat is fine in texture, displaying a beautiful sheen. This breed have very large ears set on top of a unique triangular well proportioned head pointing out at the nose.

Egyptian Mau Colours

The only three recognised Egyptian Mau colours are bronze, silver, and smoke. Maus should always maintain their unique black spots.

Egyptian Mau Temperament

This is a unique breed in temperament that is extremely intelligent. The Egyptian Mau is a very rare and expensive breed, and therefore are often kept as house cats. Nevertheless this breed has excessive energy levels and are the fastest known breed of domesticated cat. They have been known to reach speeds of 37 MPH, approximately 10MPH faster than a olympic sprinter. If kept indoors it is important they receive enough physical and mental stimulation. Egyptian Maus if let outside will become formidable hunters. It is also rare for Maus to get into trouble due to their incredible speed, alert nature and ability to escape from difficult situations. Despite these very natural characteristics this is still an affectionate and loving cat that enjoy human attention (although can be aloof to strangers) and they can make great pets. Egyptian Maus normally get along very well with other cats and household pets.

Egyptian Mau Health Issues

We are not aware of any specific health issues associated with this breed.

The Cat Guide Score Card

Appearance 5/5

Grooming Mainatainance 1/5

Distress if Left Alone 2/5

Distress if Kept in Doors 4/5

Activity Levels 5/5

Egyptian Mau Summary

This is an incredible breed that look and possess many wild attributes. They are perhaps the ultimate domestic predator and the king of domestic cats when it comes to speed and wiliness. Despite this raw natural behaviour Egyptian Maus are extremely affectionate to their owners and will normally make fantastic family pets.

Factoring in their natural instincts it is recommended to adopt a Mau from a reputable breeder who can give you further advice about this unique and wonderful breed.

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