Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a playful intelligent breed that falls in the category ‘other’ because it has no traditional cat hair. The breed does however have a down undercoat which is fine and ¼ of an inch long but no overcoat. This breed is native to the English county of Cornwall and formed due to a mutation in a litter of kittens during the 1950’s. There are many theories that this cat is hypoallergenic due to its lack of guard hairs. The breed do however still produce the Feld1 protein in their saliva, the main culprit to allergies therefore most allergy sufferers will still be allergic.


The Cornish Rex is a truly unique breed. They have either a fine or curly down coat that is extremely soft to touch; this down coat is what makes the cornish so unique. They are sleek and slender in appearance with a moderately fine bone structure and are sometimes said to have a streamlined bodies. They are known to be associated with speed and agility. They are long in body with long legs and have a triangular head with large pointy ears.


The Cornish Rex comes in almost all known cat colours including colour point in either plain, ticked, classic tabby or mackerel tabby.


The Cornish is a unique cat that has a hotter temperature than other cats. This means they crave heat and you will often find a cornish sitting by the radiator or any household appliance/person that generates heat. This need for heat makes them a excellent lap cat. They love a cuddle and to sit on your warm lap. This need for warmth also makes it difficult for them to be let outside as they do require access to the warmth of a house and you may find if you do let them outside they won’t be long or could get ill! The Cornish is a fantastic cat that has intelligence in abundance. They love to run around the house and enjoy climbing and exploring. This is a playful breed that is said to remain kitten like throughout adulthood. If kept in doors (which is recommended) they require lots of physical attention and stimulation of their natural instincts. Despite their playful nature they are very loving and gentle and make a good breed for houses with children and other pets.

Health Issues

This breed is lightweight and they don’t react will to anaesthetic that is used for other cats. Because of this vets usually use less anaesthetic when operating on them. It is always good to raise this to your vet if your cat needs to be put under anaesthetic and to seek medical advice from a professional that is used to this breed. The Cornish is a cat with a large appetite and if kept in doors this must be controlled due proneness to obesity.


The Cornish Rex make a fantastic house cat. This breed is extremely affectionate and love attention while at the same time maintains all their kitten instincts. They are unique in appearance and soft to touch and become a comfortable alternative to a hot water bottle on a cold winter’s night! They require little grooming but will require help when they shed their down coat, this can normally be removed with a hand or mitt.

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