How to Check Cat Teeth

So why do we check cat teeth? It is important to regularly check cat teeths for potential problems or issues. This can sometimes be easier said than done so it is important to get your cat used to this from a young age. When your cat is a kitten get him used to touching or looking in his mouth. If he becomes accustomed to this from kitten hood then he will more likely accept it as an adult. A cat is very good at associating your intentions from your movement and voice so always be gently in approach and praise him with a loving affectionate tone. Once inspected treat him for his cooperation. By doing this you will gain you cats trust which will go right up until adulthood.

With clean hands try to open your cats mouth ideally with two fingers on one hand. This leaves the other hand to give him a stroke under the ears. It is normally easiest to do this when he is sleepy or even sleeping.

What to look for

• Bleeding teeth

• Bleeding Gums

• Swelling

• Separation between teeth and gums

• Signs of infection i.e. puss or liquid

• Broken or damaged teeth

• Ulcers

• Lumps

• Build up of plaque

• Tooth Decay

• Visible signs of bacteria forming

What to do if your find these problems?

It is recommended to take your cat to the vet to analyse your cat’s teeth to look out for problems. If you are concerned about your cat’s teeth then it is recommended that you take your cat to the vet for peace of mind. Regular checkups are an important part of cat care. This is because the mouth is an easy route into your cat’s blood stream therefore internal organs. Bacteria and infection that is absorbed into the blood can be fatal therefore it is crucial that your cat has a clean and healthy mouth.

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