Cat Videos

When your bored or feel down what’s a better fix than funny cat videos!!! There might be obvious resources on the internet for cat videos but we wanted to build a dedicated page for our favourite selection of cat videos that are divided by genre.

Cat Video of the Week!

So why watch cat videos on

We have divided our cat videos into four different sections:

Funny Cat Videos

Cute Cat Videos

Classic Cat Animation Videos

Pedigree Cat Breed Videos

Our last section is what makes this site and page unique!

Your Cat Videos!!!

That’s right we want your cat videos and we want to put them on our site for you and all your friends and family to see.The aim of this site is to build a social cat community and what’s more social than watching videos of our readers fury family members.

Below are a few of our favourite cat videos as an Appetizer!

A resource for cat lovers of beautiful pictures of cats

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