Good Diet for Cat Teeth

Wet cat food is thought to be not good for your cat’s teeth. There are a number or pros and cons when it comes to wet vs dry cat food but the biggest positive when it comes to dry cat food is that its thought to be better for your cats teeth.

If your cat is having dental problems then your vet will likely recommend your cat transfer from a diet of wet food onto a diet of dry food. You can also now purchase dry cat food that is specifically designed for dental care.

There is however little scientific evidence that wet food is any worse to your cats teeth than dry food. This is because cats don’t really chew their food but break it down to a small enough portion to swallow, it is however the liquids from the wet food that remain on your cats teeth and can form bacteria if not cleaned.

Items to look out for in cat food to help your cats teeth:

• Prevents bad breath

• Prevents yellow tartar deposits on the teeth

• Prevents gingivitis

• Prevents bleeding gums

There are now many cat foods and treats that contain liquids that clean and protect your cats teeth. There are also kibble shaped dry food that are the perfect size when crunched that clean the plaque off the teeth. Look out for these different items on your online store or in your local pet store. General cat treats can be bad for your cats teeth. If your cat is suffering from dental problems then it is recommended to remove treats that are bad for your cats teeth from his diet.

Remember your cats teeth and therefore your cats diet is an important part of cat health care. Always do you best when it comes to booth dental examination and cat food to provide the best that your circumstances allow. Quality cat food will benefit your cat in many ways not only when it comes to your cats teeth but for your cats general health. By following these guides your cat can have white healthy teeth.

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