Is Your Cat Pooing Indoors......

A cat pooing indoors should not happen as cats are incredibly clean animals. It is very un-natural for a cat not to go to the toilet in the litter tray or outside. However this is not un-common and more and more people come to us with a huge dilemma "MY CATS POOING INDOORS!!! If your experiencing the same you will find why and how you can identify and maybe stop a cat pooing indoors.

There are normally two reasons why a cat will choose to poo on the sofa or even bed and not in his own litter tray.

The first reason is the litter tray itself! Remember your cats are very clean animals. If they deem that the litter tray is unclean or does not smell good enough to use ,they most likely won’t use it. A cat will not subject himself to relieving himself in a dirty environment if he can do it on a clean horizontal service, if that means your bed then so be it. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Does your litter tray have fresh litter? If not then your cat won’t be happy

• Have you scooped all deposits daily? Your cat won’t like standing on his own faeces.

• Have you used the same litter as usual? Cats don’t like change.

• Is the litter tray out the way in a private secluded place? Your cat wont like doing the business in a high profile area of the house

• Do you have more than one litter tray? For two cats this is recommended as a timid cat can feel vulnerable while in the litter tray around a stronger cat.

• Do you have a large litter tray with roof? Cats like privacy.

• Do you use scented powder or litter? It may smell nice to you but not your cat?

If you feel that your litter tray is in good condition then take your cat to the vet. It could be a medical problem that requires attention. Your cat is clean and won’t not use a clean litter tray unless there is a good reason, it could be a medical condition.

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