Cat Illness Signs

What are Cat illness signs? Are they easy to spot? Do our cats deliberately send us signals when they are sick?

Sometimes it is hard to Spot Signs Your Cat is Sick or Unwell through behaviour. The term survival of the fittest will always incorporate cats. Why? Because they are one of the most well adapted natural predators on the planet that are perhaps the kings of survival. Because of this a cat will not show signs of weakness. Signs of weakness in the wild are signs of opportunity for other cats and predators. When a cat is ill they wont brag about it, the will actually try and hide it from you. The theory cats don’t feel pain is wrong, they do feel pain they just don’t like to show it. Thats why we should all know cat illness signs to identify any potential problems early.

There are however some signs are signals that your cat can give off showing he is unwell through behaviour.

Common signs of a sick cat through behaviour

• Un explained Aggression

• Soiling in doors

• Lack of grooming

• Lack of interest in humans or other animals

• Loss of appetite

• Loss of confidence shown through hiding.

• Lethargy

• Heavy panting

• Un-usually vocal or un vocal

• Un-usual biting or scratching when picked up

• Excessive grooming

• Signs of Anxiety and Stress

If you think your cats character had changed and you are concerned about his/her health you should take them to the vet ASAP. Remember cats rarely show pain, if they are showing pain it could be serious so it is important to get them checked out by a medical professional. It is important to monitor your cats behaviour and look out for changes. Identification of an early illness through signs of behaviour changes could potentially be life saving. Remember a sign of these characteristics in your cats behaviour doesn’t necessarily mean they are ill, however it is a key identifier of a problem that you can monitor and potentially escalate to a medical professional if need be.

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