Cat Health Care

As responsible owners cat health care should be very important to us all. Keeping cats healthy is not as difficult as you may think but does require some effort, knowledge and even some discipline.

On this page we will give you some good cat health advice and to our right you will see our cat health symptoms checker. We will analyze what a healthy cat weight is and look at different cat foods and nutrition for cats. Along the way we will break down food labels, unlocking their meaning.

A part of good cat health care is keeping your cats coat in good condition. A bad conditioned coat can lead to matted fur, sores and more serious cat health problems such as excessive hair loss, over grooming resulting in hairballs, even depression and anxiety.

Do you have a healthy cat?

We may think we have a healthy cat but what are the true signs of a healthy cat? Your cat will spend most of their life sleeping, eating and grooming. The rest of the time is spent doing what cats do best, patrolling their territory, hunting and playing. A house cat will be deprived of these activities therefore we may need to intervene. It is important that a house cat receives enough mental and physical stimulation to help avoid cat behaviour problems and obesity.

Cats require various vaccinations to protect them from serious illness. It is important that your cat has all their required vaccinations and booster jabs. Most of you reading this page will have your cats on a vaccination programme, but do you know what the vaccinations are and what they do?

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