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Feb 22, 2017

Smoochie Mouchie

The handsome boy that I have the pleasure of adopted is from what I have reached a Maine Coon! He looks in my eyes when we talk, sleeping on my neck or

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Feb 22, 2017

Cat Anxiety Symptoms | Treating Anxiety In Cats

Everything you need to know about cat anxiety symptoms and treating feline anxiety. It can easy to identify a cat suffering with stress and treating anxiety in cats can be easier than you may think.

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Feb 22, 2017

History of Cats | Timeline of Cats History

Everything you need to know about the history of cat. The History of the Domestic Cats goes as far back far into ancient egypt. Timeline of cats history and origins of cats in egypt to today.

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Feb 22, 2017

Cat Health Care

All the information you need on Cat Health Care.

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Feb 22, 2017

Cat Behaviour | The Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about cat behaviour. Do you have a badly behaved cat? Understanding feline behaviour problems is easy if you know what to look out for.

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May 02, 2016

Understanding Nutrition for Cats

Understanding nutrition for cats is important to ensure your cat has a happy and healthy life? All the information you need to know about your cats nutritional requirements and feline dietary needs.

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May 02, 2016

Sir Pudgington!

Sir Pudgington's a Persian. He was born on May.31st, 2002. He loves to cuddle and sneeze in your face. He doesn't mind the camera!

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May 02, 2016


my first lovely baby

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May 02, 2016


Rico spends most of his day like most cats, sleeping and grooming himself. He is usually funny and cute.

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May 02, 2016


One day she just walked around the house like nothing happened but she was ever so woried.actually she was acting strang.she went out of the house for

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May 02, 2016


Hi Every one. I am Luna. You can call me Looni tooni. All my friends calling like that๐Ÿ˜ I am from Maldives. 9 months. Female ๐Ÿ˜› I always drool for fish

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May 02, 2016

kitty-witty poopoo

Kitty-witty poopoo love to eat and sleep!!

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May 02, 2016

wats zat

our two babies

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May 02, 2016

Interesting information about cats

There are 37 species of wild cats in the world like pallas cat, pampas cat, lynx, cougar, jaguar, panther, puma, bobcat, ocicat, leopard, cheetah, tiger,

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May 02, 2016

Lucy the most beautiful cat

Lucy is a rescue. We saved her. We want to share her picture because she is so beautiful and quite a character.

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