Cat Hairloss

There are many conditions that lead to cat hairloss otherwise known as alopecia in cats. We are going to look at these cat hairloss problems at a high level simply for one reason. If your cat is suffering from hair loss take them to the vet. Although hair loss in cats is quite commonly a small issue that can be resolved there are also more serious problems that require medical attention. If your cat loses fur or has cat hair loss patches it doesn't necessarily mean they have cat hair disease but again take them to the vet.

There are are many causes of alopecia in cats, see some of these causes below:

Fleas and Parasites

Fleas and Parasites can cause excessive grooming and this can cause hair loss. Some cats also suffer from Flea allergy dermatitis which is an allergic reaction to fleas and this can also cause hair loss in cats.

Food Allergies

Like humans cats can also be allergic to certain types of food. Allergies often cause irritation on you cat’s skin and lead to excessive scratching and grooming which can lead to cat fur loss.

Inhalant Allergies

Like humans cats can also be allergic to things that they inhale. These could be general house hold chemicals or pollens. Yes that’s right your cat could actually suffer from hay fever!!! A prime symptom of all allergic reactions is an itchiness of the skin. This will lead to excessive grooming and hair loss.


Mange also known as Notoedric Mange is a mite which causes excessive irritation on the skin and results in hair loss in cats.


Ringworm is a fungal skin infection that causes irritation and infection on the skin. This can cause much pain and discomfort and leads to excessive grooming and therefore hair loss.

Psychogenic Alopecia

Psychogenic Alopecia is a condition which causes excessive grooming. The condition is caused by boredom and stress and is common in house cats. The boredom and depression cause your cat to become docile and cause your cat to either excessively groom or pull their own hair out.

As we can see some of these conditions are medical, psychological and caused by natural allergies. The important thing for us as responsible owners is get professional advice from our vet. They will perform a full examination on your cat and most likely take tests. Remember it may be something that can be quite easily resolved or helped so always check with a professional.

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