Cat Grooming

The requirements of cat grooming care will vary from breed to breed. Whether you have the difficult task of grooming a long haired cat breed like a Persian or grooming a short haired cat breed like the super fast Egyptian Mau, you may require some cat grooming tips. Grooming a cat that hates it can prove difficult and upsetting for the owner, we have many readers that have this problem so if your in that situation you are not alone. As we know every cat has a completely different personality and each pet will react in their own unique way to being groomed. If your cat doesn't like being groomed you may want to put it off to another day, then another day and so on. This can however lead to a vicious circle and you end up with the even more difficult task of grooming a cat with matted fur, something you want to avoid.

There is no point in chasing a cat around the room with a brush, it simply won’t work. It will make your cat fear being groomed. It of course is always best to start grooming kittens from a young age. Not everyone however has that luxury. You may have adopted an adult cat that has never been groomed or perhaps you got into bad habits or didn't have time and and know want to put things right.

Everything you need to know about all aspects of feline grooming care are covered on this page. We will look at how to brush a cat with matted fur, clipping a cats claws and how to bath a cat for the first time. We will give you step by step guides to grooming, kitten grooming tips and information on how to make your cat like the brush. The importance of a plush coat doesn't stop at them looking nice, there are also important health implications that make grooming care essential.

The Importance of Grooming a Cat

We know that reading articles and advice from the internet can seem easier said than done. We have therefore broken down our pages into step by step guides with the inclusion of videos of how to groom a cat.

It is firstly important making sure you have the right tools, loud electrical devices will only scare your cat. We recommend the following cat grooming products.

Different Types of Grooming

Why is grooming a cat so important?

How do we prevent, combat and tackle cats with matted fur?

Would you like to know our top ten cat grooming tips?

The thought of clipping cat claws can be daunting but can it be done safely at home?


Bathing a cat needed and where do i start?

As we have discussed previously its all well and good writing about grooming a cat. We have tried to make things as easy by including some great links that have step by step guides, pictures, videos and articles from experienced groomers. It is key to remember the importance of starting these process's from when your cat is a kitten, that way they will get used to it from a young age.

Cats are clever, fussy and generally like to do what they think is best for them. They will not enjoy getting wet or having a blow dryer on them, they will also not understand the importance. Cats are the ultimate survivors they wont like being pined down as they lose their means of escape. You need to be clever, utilise sleeping time and reward for good behaviour. With a little persistence, love and care your cat will eventually learn to accept being groomed. Eventually they may even like the attention and enjoy it.

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