Cat Gingivitis

Cat Gingivitis is a disorder that is common in cats and causes inflammation in your cat’s gums. The Infection and inflammation can be across the whole mouth or in one tooth.

In some cases the disorder can be treated but if left un supervised the infection can spread all the way to the bones that support the teeth and cause your cats teeth to full out. The disorder like with humans is caused by a build up of plaque that hardens on the teeth and spreads down into the Gums. It is important to remember that problems in the mouth can affect the whole body. This is because infections and bacteria can easily be absorbed into the blood and then to the internal organs. If symptoms are not identified quickly then results can be fatal.

Symptoms of Cat Gingivitis:

• Bleeding Gums

• Swollen or Red Gums

• Problems eating

• Bad Breath

• Gums separating from the tooth

• Puss and Fluids coming out of your cats gums


• Brushing your cats teeth

• Cat food can be bought which contains medication that helps reduce plaque on your cat’s teeth.

• Regular dental check ups

Gingivitis is treated in different ways depending on the severity of the problems. Sometimes regular brushing will help maintain the problem and stop the problem from forming, sometimes medication is also issued to stop infection and to reduce swelling. In more serious cases sometimes regular vet maintenance or even operating is needed but this is normally only for severe cases.

If you think your cat is suffering from Gingivitis take your cat to the vet immediately.This can be a serious condition that can be treated and maintained if caught at an early stage. It is important to regularly check your cat’s teeth and gums to insure you catch this disorder in the early stages. Remember prevention is always better than treating a problem so try and give your cat the best diet and teeth/gum care possible.

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