Cat Fleas and Parasites

Most people won't want to here about Cat Fleas and Parasites however it is important that all owners understand how to prevent and identify them so that they dont become a part of our lives.

Cats can carry a type of flea called Ctenocephalides Felis. This is believed to be the most common type of flea on the planet. Cat Fleas are a blood sucking species and will take residence on your cat’s fur. Female fleas will lay larvae on your cat’s fur and this can lead to a very unwelcome infestation.

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Cats can catch fleas when in contact with other cats, dogs, rodents, carpets and rugs to name a few and if you don’t get your cat immunised then the likelihood is he will catch fleas. Fleas can jump huge distances and your cat does not have to touch another cat or object for your cat to become a host of infestation.

A small amount of Fleas in general will cause your cat little harm other than irritation. However a large infestation of fleas can cause your cat to become ill. A large infestation of fleas can cause dehydration due to large amounts of blood being taken from your cat’s body. Fleas can also lead to excessive hairloss, excessive hairballs and depression.

Fleas can carry parasites for example Bartonella, Murine Typhus and Apedermatitis these parasites can cause your cat to become very ill and some can be transmitted and be dangerous to humans.

Fleas and Parasites can be controlled and prevented. It is important to have your cat on a programme set by your vet. This may be in tablet form or a liquid inserted on your cats body. Fleas cannot live on humans but can cause irritation and rashes when humans come in contact.

House cats although not in contact with other cats or animals outside can still catch fleas. When you open your door fleas can jump onto your carpet and will love to take residence on your cat’s fur. Because of this it is recommended that house cats are also on a cat and parasite programme although the dose is likely to be less and more infrequent.

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