Cat Dental Health

Cat dental health care is very important. Cats and particularly house cats live a lot longer than they would if they were in the wild. This implies domestic cats were not designed to live as long as they do indoors and this is reflected on their teeth. There is also believed to be weaknesses to cat tooth disease and cat gum disease in certain breeds and certain genetic lines.

What are common cat teeth problems? What are common cat gum problems? How do you treat cat teeth loss? What makes good cat teeth care?

There are many things we can do as responsible owners to help cat dental health and some things that are unfortunately out of our hands.

Let’s firstly take a look at some common cat dental problems.

Good Feline dental care doesn't consist of just good feline teeth care. Cat gingivitis is a disease of the gums and shows feline gum care is just as important.

Cats are not only open to tooth or gum disease but also can get injuries to teeth caused by accidents. It is important as part of good feline dental health to check your cats teeth regularly.

Your cat should go for regular check ups to the vet, they should also be getting a regular check up from yourself!

Your cats teeth should look white in colour and free from deposits building up on the surface. Their gums should not be red or enflamed.

Most vets and breed professionals recommend brushing your cats teeth. This will help keep your cats teeth in good condition and free from bacteria.

Your cats diet will impact the quality of their teeth. Their teeth should be monitored and diet alterations may be required. Many vets recommend a diet consisting or dry food for good cat teeth care. You can also buy foods that are specifically designed to clean cats teeth.

You should regually check your cats teeth , this will allow you to identify a problem at its early stage before its to late.

Remember Dental care for cats is an important part of cat care itself. A small injury in the mouth can soon lead to septicaemia for example which could potentially be fatal. We therefore need to ensure our cats mouths are healthy and bacteria free. By monitoring feline dental health you may help give your cat a longer happier life.

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