"Why is my cat chewing and eating non edible things!"

Cat Chewing (Cat Pica)

Some cats eat non edible items, chew things and destroy furniture with their teeth. Before we look at the two most common issues answer one question. Do your cats have a nutritionally good diet? Cats have been known to chew items when they lack certain nutrients in their diet, this could include wet meat. If your cat has a poor quality diet it might be worth upgrading to a better quality more satisfying food plan.

There is a condition in cats called ‘Pica’. Cat pica is a condition associated with asian cat breeds. It causes your cat to suck, chew and eat items that are not edible. They will sit down and suck a woolly jumper and chew a pair of shoes similar to a badly behaved dog. A more severe type of the disorder can cause a cat chewing or destroying furniture or even an entire sofa or bed. Pica is not actually a disease but a bad habit or disorder in your cats nature. It is recommended to seek advice from an experienced siamese (who often suffer from pica) owner for further advice on this issue.

Another condition associated with chewing and eating non edible items is boredom. A cat with little stimulation will often find entertainment in chewing up a wooden chair or rug. It is important to stimulate your cat in a natural way with hunting, jumping and playing. Cats spend most of their life sleeping, the majority of the time awake is spent eating and grooming. The remainder of time should be spent stimulating their natural instincts.

If you are having problems with cat pica or cat boredom it is important to have a clean tidy house. Do not give your cat the opportunity to chew important items. It is also important to make sure your cat is mentally stimulated. Playtime is an important part of cat care. As said above, cats do not spend a lot of time un-occupied. This time should be spent stimulating their natural instincts with hunting practice and physical activity. After an extensive physical and mental work out instead of chewing a rug they would much rather have a sleep and a cuddle on the sofa.

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