Cat Breed Profiles

Cat Breed Profiles. Like with pedigree dogs there are many different pedigree cat breeds. On this page we will give you a list of cat breeds, information about cat breeds and pictures of cat breeds.

Pedigree cats can be put into four different categories:

Long haired. Longhaired cats are a commitment and can be hard work. Nevertheless if you have the time and effort the extensive grooming is worth it and you will have a stunning cat. Look at some of the pedigree cat profiles below.



Semi-Long haired. Semi long haired cats are also a commitment. They have slightly shorter hair than Persians for example but they are often more agile, independent and larger therefore harder to groom. There are some stunning semi long haired breeds so lets take a look at some of the cats that fall into this category.

American Curl



Maine Coon

Norwegian Forest




Turkish Van

Shorthaired. Short haired cat breeds fill the bulk of our list and are alot easier to maintain from a grooming perspective. There are some fantastic short haired cats with very unique personalities so lets take a look at some of the breeds that fall into this bracket.


American Shorthair



British Shorthair

Egyptian Mau

Exotic Shorthair



Russian Blue


Other. We have classed these breeds as other as the cats below are particularly special and unique.

Cornish Rex


We have done our best to provide accurate pedigree cat information and good cat breed pictures on our cat breed profiles. We really hope you have enjoyed learning about the pedigree cat types and different cat breeds.However we have not owned every breed of cat on this page. Are you an expert on a specific cat breed? Can you help improve the information on this page? Are we missing your type of cat breed?

Then We Need You!

This page was designed to be more than just a guide on cat breeds. We want it to be an in depth analysis into specific breeds from experienced owners. If you think you can add to this page then please contact us and we will do our best to update the page and include any tips and advice you have. If you would like we will can give you a thank you shout out on twitter! Please go to the contact page below and we will try and get back to you straight away.

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