Cat Behaviour

Understanding Cat Behaviour is easier than most people think.

Have you ever wondered how your cat views the world? What they are thinking? If they are not well or in pain? Are your suffering from feline behaviour problems?

Although cats cannot talk to us they can and do communicate with us using common cat signs and by their behaviour. There are occasions when your cat will show behaviour that you find unacceptable but it is important that you analyse the signs and signals before you just accept you have a badly behaved cat.

On this page we will look at various subjects, pictures and articles about cat behavior problems but also how understanding feline behaviour can actually bring you closer to your cat!

Cat owners know how expressive cats can be. In fact, sometimes a cat through its expression and tenderness can make us feel more loved and appreciated than any man or woman.

Understanding Cats

There are certain signs and signals that your cat will give off, other than love and affection. These signs and signals are a way our cats communicate and by understanding cats and their signals we can build an even stronger relationship with them.

Sometimes it is hard to spot signs your cat is sick or unwell . The term survival of the fittest will always apply to cats. Why? Because cats are one of the most well adapted natural predators on the planet. You could even call them the kings of survival. Because of this a cat will not show signs of weakness, signs of weakness in the wild are signs of opportunity for other cats and predators to take advantage. When you cat is ill they wont brag about it, they will actually try and hide it from you. The theory cats don’t feel pain is wrong, they do feel pain they just don’t like to show it.

Cats wont always show physical pain but it is normally easy to identify a stressed cat. There are some clear signs of cat behavioural problems that are associated with stress in cats and these can be easier to see than physical issues.

House cat behaviour problems are common. It is not natural for a cat to be kept in doors. Cats suffer from physical pain but also mental pain so it is important to identify any clear signs and try to resolve them before they become a bigger issue.

Cats are not pack animals and sometimes two cats can be company but three can be a crowd. You will often find if you have several cats there may be a hierarchy. Sometimes you wont, and they will just get along, maybe they will even avoid each other altogether. Overcrowding and bullying can be a problem and there are some clear signs of this.

Trauma in cats is common and something your cat may have suffered. This event that has effected your cats personality might be something you are aware of or something that you know nothing about. There are some common signs of cat trauma and some not so common.

Lets look at some other Cat Behavioural Issues:

• Over Grooming and Excessive Hair Loss

• Eating Non Edible Items

• Aggression

• Scratching Indoors

• Urine Spraying Indoors

• Toileting Indoors

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