Can you Care for a Cat?

Can you care for a cat? This is an important question that you have to honestly answer. Let’s break cat care down into different sections to help you if you’re not sure.

Financial Cost :

A cat can be expensive. You will need to provide:

• Food

• Neutering

• Micro chipping

• Litter Tray

• Bowls

• Grooming Equipment

• Carriers or Cages

• Bedding

• Toys

• Cat Trees and Scratch posts

Emergency Dental care for diseases and accidents can be very expensive. It is recommended that pet insurance is taken out to protect you from vet bill of potentially thousands of pounds.

Do you have the time to:

• Give your cat fresh water and food daily

• Pooper Scope daily and clean litter tray once a week

• To groom potentially for an hour a day with some breeds

• To play with your cat daily

Can you Live with the Good and the Bad?

If you get a cat you may have to put up with some bad behaviour from time to time for example

• Moulting hair on to Sofas, Carpets and Clothes

• Scratching

• Toilet Accidents

• Hairballs

• Bringing Outside Items Inside

What are your Plans?

Do you plan to have children? Is your dream to travel the world or have long haul holidays? You have to make sure your cat fits into your plans not just for the next few years but potentially the next 15-20. If you like your annual vacation to the Caribbean then you will need someone to look after your cat and potentially pay for someone to.

Does your house allow for an outside cat

If you live in a busy neighbourhood with busy roads and railway lines it might be dangerous to allow your cat outside. In this case you will most likely need to keep them indoor. Are you prepared for daily stimulation of their natural instincts to stop them getting bored?

This page is not meant to put people off from getting cats. We can assure you that we love cats very much. We just want to let you see the realities beyond those big brown eyes and fluffy tails. If you do have certain issues than research different breeds as you may find a breed better suited to you.

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